Why Us?

Internet Biz Services (IBS) delivers internet strategy and solutions to the local small business community.

A clear internet marketing strategy and implementation of that strategy have become critical components to ensure the survival of most small businesses today.  The days of small businesses driving leads to their doorstep by the yellow pages have ended.  Today, people are primarily finding their products and services by searching the internet.

IBS helps these small businesses determine which internet marketing services and products are best aligned with their business needs.  A few of the questions that we help small businesses answer are:

  • Is our website optimized with the right compelling content?
  • How do we best capture leads that may turn into customers via the web?
  • How can people find us when they search the web instead of our competitors?
  • Should we invest in Pay Per Click advertising?
  • What impact would video have on our website?
  • How effective would a webinar be in promoting or selling our products?
  • Do we need to implement social medai strategies into our business model?
  • How can a strategic joint venture help launch our new products?
  • Would mobile marketing be effective for us?
  • How can I turn our prospect and customer lists into a recurring stream of new income?
  • How can I add new prospects into our sales funnel?
  • …and many more

Why Us – Internet Biz Services – A Local “Business Expansion” Expert

Unfortunately, there are a lot of self-proclaimed local marketing “experts” trying to complete in an ever more crowded marketplace. We are not one of those. We not only know how to do lead generation using the internet, we are business expansion experts who have actually started real companies ourselves, grown them into mature companies, and sold them for millions of dollars profit. Like most local business owners, we are true entrepreneurs ourselves and use the same tactics and strategies in our own businesses that we use when working with our clients.

There are plenty of local internet marketing consultants and providers of various marketing services. But, there are very few who are actually highly successful business owners with the experience and skills we have on our team. We look forward to having a conversation so you can learn for yourself what makes us special and the right choice for you and your business.