PKG Assessment

What Is a PKG Assessment & Why Should You Care?

Internet Biz Services has developed what we call the “PKG Assessment” which is sort of like an EKG for your business. As we all know, an EKG is the most critical diagnostic tool available to doctors to check the health of a person’s heart. We also know how important it is to get regular checkups as we mature to include an EKG to look for potential warning signs that all might not be well. In the same way, we feel it is equally as important to check the health of the heart of a business.

What are the core essentials that are required to insure your success today as well as into the future? Our PKG Assessment is the tool we use to measure multiple elements within the various parts of your business. We categorize your business into 9 different areas which make up the “9 P’s” of the PKG Assessment. They are…

  • People – Attracting and developing your team
  • Partners – Growing relationships to accomplish objectives
  • Placement – Connecting with your customers
  • Performance – Measuring and managing your vision
  • Platforms – Selecting and utilizing the right technology
  • Process – Optimizing the steps to get work done
  • Purpose – Serving others and giving back to your community
  • Planning – Setting direction and anticipating change
  • Perspective – Embracing timeless business principles

Once we have completed the PKG assessment,  we use this information to build a customized internet marketing strategy consistent with the business needs of your company and your goals.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving you by taking your businesses’ PKG to assess where your business needs improvement. Please contact us at: and put into the subject line: “PKG Assessment”.

Thank you,

Jim & Dave