Who & Why

The purpose of this website is two-fold:

First, we want to help you understand what we do as internet marketing consultants, i.e. what services are provided by us and how can they be applied to help you grow your business through internet marketing strategies and best practices. We like to call it… “Online Business Wisdom”

Secondly, we will use this site to provide a wealth of knowledge about internet marketing and to supply resources that can help you use the power of the internet in your own business.


Hi, my name is Dave Foran and InternetBizServices.com is my local Dallas-Ft. Worth | DFW internet marketing services company that I started with my partner and good friend, Jim Hummel. I am a full-time professional internet marketing business guy and I hope you find this site valuable in your own pursuit of making money online. I own a number of internet properties and use this site as my primary way of presenting local internet marketing services to clients here in the DFW area.

I hone my skills in many online markets and then take that knowledge and help local DFW businesses implement what I find are working well for me and my clients. I have also learned the importance of automated many of my business processes and will soon be launching a new software company that can help you do the same. (Stay tuned!)

Quick bio on me… I am a mechanical engineer and graduated from Texas A&M in 1976. I spent the first 30 years of my career as an entrepreneur in the process control industry with a specialty in flow measurement devices (flowmeters). I was awarded a number of patents for my designs and built a flowmeter company over the course of a 16 year period. I eventually sold that business to Roper Industries, a multi-billion dollar public company in Atlanta, GA.

I then moved into the non-profit world in 2003 and was the Executive Director for the Biblical Studies Foundation and the related for-profit publishing company, the Biblical Studies Press. These organizations operate primarily as internet-based ministries at: http://Bible.org. It was at Bible.org that I really learned the power and potential of using the internet to take your message and products to a global audience. Bible.org has grown to be one of the largest and most influential internet-based ministries in the world. I was blessed to be a part of their success.

Since January of 2008 I have personally spent well over $250,000 in internet marketing products, services, training, and seminars. I say this just so you will know how committed I am personally to gaining the knowledge and skills required to operate at a high level in the internet world. You are now the beneficiary of this investment! With over 15 years of experience marketing products and services online at your disposal, it is my hope that Jim and I and the team of partners here at InternetBizServices.com can serve you well in your pursuit of excellence online.

Best of Success!


Thank you for taking the time to look at our website.  So, here is a little bit of my background and also some background on what brought Dave and me together to build Internet Biz Services.   First, to use one of my favorite quotes … “just the facts, ma’am” (Sgt. Joe Friday, Dragnet):

  • 35+ years in many aspects of business – business owner, sales and marketing management, software designer and developer, administration management, project management … even did several years of 100% commission sales
  • Other business stuff – taught as an Adjunct Professor for SMU MBA program – Cox School of Business, served on several technology advisory boards and Certified Toastmaster
  • Undergrad degree in History and Masters Degree in Computer Science ( I know – that is very confusing – a true combo “left brain-right brain” guy)
  • Other personal stuff – married, blessed with three children and one grandchild (so far!), coached baseball for many years, like to run, golf, bowl, read and active in church ministry

I met Dave several years ago when he was the Executive Director of a large online ministry.  We would meet periodically to discuss various business ideas and we saw that our business friendship and personal friendship were growing.  When Dave was led to start his successful InternetBizGuy venture a year ago, he invited me to accelerate my learning more about the Internet marketing world… feeding me websites to evaluate, articles to read and training to attend.  I had some experience already in this field, particularly in the area of web analytics.

We both had the desire to work together and we had complimentary passions and backgrounds… it was just a matter of time before our vision clarified… and Internet Biz Services was launched.

So, if you need help with making sure your internet marketing strategy really delivers business value… if you need an internet business partner who knows both the internet and business… then you’ve landed at the right website.

Or if you just need someone to fill a golf foursome for a good fund-raising cause… give me a call.



Tyler AndersonI’m glad to introduce myself to you since I do so much of the day-to-day interaction with our clients. I’m Tyler Anderson at your service! :-)

I am one of the newer members of the Internet Biz Services team and very happy to be a part of a great company. My fellow team members are amazingly talented and I am learning new things from them every day, That being said, I bring some very strong skill sets of my own to the table that can help you in your business growth strategies.

Here is a quick summary of some of my specific capabilities that are adding value to what we provide as a team:

    • Email marketing
    • Direct response marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • PPC (pay-per-click) keyword research
    • SEO (search engine optimization) strategies & tactics
    • Marketing automation software
    • Software as a service (SaaS)
    • Project management
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • Google analytics
    • Social analytics

Every organization should be using email and direct response marketing as a core part of their initiatives to attract and land new clients. This is critical for medical practices to insure the financial stability and the future success of the practice. I have particular expertise is setting up and managing these types of marketing campaigns. There are a lot of moving parts both technically as well as within the development of the strategy itself. I am good at doing that.

One of the areas I work on for our clients is their PPC and SEO initiatives. I do both pre-campaign research as well as ongoing oversight and reporting. Online marketing in many ways lives and dies by these two key elements of their marketing plans. Paid traffic (PPC/pay-per-click) is great because it can be activated and getting results very quickly. It can also be controlled and scaled. I use my experience and expertise as a part of the team effort in helping our clients achieve best-in-class results.

I use my project management skills to help both internally within our team and also with helping manage the needs of our clients. I am the primary “Help Desk” resource and your first line of contact to field your questions and direct traffic internally to insure we have the right people and the right resources working on your projects.

Thank you for letting me introduce myself and sharing a little about what I do that can be leveraged to serve you. I am looking forward to having you as a Medical Practice Growth client and to helping you reach your goals for your practice. See you soon!

Dr Frank CorboMy name is Dr. Frank Corbo (DC, CCRD) and I am a part of the team here at Internet Biz Services as a medical specialty adviser and consultant. I live in Frisco, TX and have been working directly with Dave Foran since early 2010 in a number of projects due to our our shared vision and passion for helping medical practitioners manage and grow their practices.

I believe I bring a number of unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to doctors who desire to operate and grow first-class practices. I not only have owned my own practice, but have even more experience providing leadership to a variety of medical-field enterprises ranging from medical publications, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, wellness centers, to medical marketing and practice development businesses.

At Internet Biz Services, my mission is to provide medical practice perspective to the rest of the organization. Having spent a full career in the medical field, especially working with local doctors in their practices, I can help insure the services we provide are a “best fit” and will meet their most critical needs. I can personally provide a number of coaching and consulting services to help build a complete practice growth blueprint uniquely suited and scalable for them.

I am excited to be part of the Medical Practice Growth Team and look forward to meeting YOU as you take the next step in building your practice.

Thank you

Dr Frank Corbo